Director, Advisors & Affiliate Faculty

Founding Director:

Dr. Laura McCloskey (AHS/SPH)


Board of Advisors:

The volunteer Board of Advisors are drawn from researchers and leaders in policy surrounding the elimination of health disparities. The key mission of the Board will be to provide input on the current controversies and challenges in health disparities research and policy and to make recommendations to the Director in the planning of activities and conferences.


Affiliate Faculty:

Priscilla Barnes (AHS/SPH)

Georgia Frey (KIN/SPH)

Lucia Guerra-Reyes (AHS/SPH)

Michael Hendryx (AHS/SPH)

Bryan McCormick (REC/SPH)

Beth Meyerson (AHS/SPH)

Rasul Mowatt (REC/SPH)

Cecilia Obeng (AHS/SPH)

Dina Okamoto (Sociology)

Kosali Simon (SPEA)

Christina Snyder (History)

William Yarber (AHS/SPH)